3 Reasons Why Your Social Media Enagement Efforts Aren’t Working

Social Media

Excuse my harshness I am just a passionate person when it comes to your social media efforts and I just want the best for you! So for a while, you’ve been trying to boost your followers and engagements on social media. Right? But for some reason, it isn’t working out the best. But why? Now, this post can be geared towards your small business or brand but I am just going to gear this towards you and give you 3 tips that can really help you. Each header will take you to another post to back up what I am saying. Just in case you don’t believe what I am saying! Let’s dive in:

You Aren't Being Consistent (Schedule) 

You Aren’t Being Consistent (Schedule) 

“What do you mean Travis? I am posting the best that I can.” – You

Well, your best may not be enough if you don’t have a strategy. No matter the type of account you need to develop a system for your posting. For example, what are the best days to post and time and who is engaging with your content the most? Once you answer those you need to create a strategy regardless of the size when it comes to posting and the content you post.

What You're Posting Isn't Good

What You’re Posting Isn’t Good (Content)

“My pictures are nice though.” – You

It’s not that your pictures or writings aren’t good it’s just not catching the attention of others or people just don’t care about what you’re posting. Here is how you catch people’s attention and make them care. You need to post what people know you well for if that’s fashion like me post your outfits of the day or something of that nature. If you are known for giving advice post daily life advice tips. Simply, find your niche and begin posting it.

empty theater auditorium or movie cinema with red seats

You Don’t Know Your Audience (Analytics)

“Well, I have followers what else do I need to know?” – You

Yes, you have followers. Yes, some do interact with your content by liking or commenting. But do you understand those people who are interacting? Understanding your audience makes everything easier for you! Begin to look into your analytics and start understanding who it is you’re trying to relate to and who wants to interact with your content.

So what’s next? You need to go and put yourself on a schedule to remain consistent. Maybe use a website like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your post. Begin to post amazing content that actually suits the audience that you are trying to engage. Along with trying to use hashtags with your posting like the top 15 or 20 hashtags that can also drive engagement. We all start somewhere and usually, that’s at zero when it comes to social media but with these tips, things are going to get better! I promise. Want more tips like this subscribe!


Your Youth & Your Youthful Finances (“I Got Money” Talk)


Do not get me wrong here folks I am not bragging about my finances, not one bit. I do understand that some people may not agree with this post on the basis of…”Everyone does not have it like you, Travis.” Which I totally understand but just like them I do not have it like others! I have put in my work and will continue to do so.This is a simple post about how I feel when it comes to my generations finances and how they need to be better! Along with what can be done to have better finances. A lesson may be taught from this. Yes, you may have something that is above zero but do you know how to spend it? So you saying “I got money” will be “I had money” in a few right? 


Within our generation and I am speaking for the 90s babies majority of us do not know how to save money or what to do it (from what I have seen). Unless it is something illegal (weed) or something that is not a must-have such as sneakers, then we will spend our money on that faster than we will spend it on buying a car or anything else that is deemed important. How do I know? At one point I was guilty of this and some of my friends were too. So who put me on point? My oh so wonderful mother also known as The Finance Bar. Some of us have grown out of it due to it happening within our younger years! “What are you getting at Travis?” is what you may be asking. What I am getting at is that….IT IS TIME TO GROW UP PEOPLE!!! It is time for us to grow our money! Yes, I know it can be hard. But are you willing to sacrifice? That is what it is all about. For example, if you do not know I am a military guy so I have spent overall maybe three months of time just dealing with military stuff. As a result, I did not see my friends and family, missed out on parties…I EVEN MISSED OUT ON MY UNIVERITY’S HOMECOMING AND WE HAD WALE THAT YEAR!!! Aside, from that when I was in high school I worked at Chick-Fil-A, and if I could help it I would work every day other then Sunday, of course, to make sure I had that extra cash. That was around the time I figured out how to pay for skip lines at parties. Yea, I am that guy….RIGHT UP INTO THE PARTY I GO!!! I refuse to wait outside and you should too. It was all because I saved and I am not the only one who has done it! I know plenty of people who put in that extra work and you can too. You wanna know what you can do? Let me tell you:

  • Limit your spending habit. A budget is always good to have.
  • Whatever you receive put 10% of it in your…SAVINGS ACCOUNT!! That is what it is there for… to save.
  • Know when to say “no” to outings. If you do not have it you do not have it. (Not having it does not mean broke it means that whatever it it does not fit within your financial goals)
  • If you work take up some extra shifts. Maybe another job if you are able to. There is nothing wrong with the “you are always at work” it’s because you are always at the bank. HA!! (College students finding an on-campus job saves gas and time)
  • If you are willing to make a time to sacrifice and commit, join the military either full-time or part-time. Unless your job calls for it….YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WAR!!!
  • Stop buying clothes for every single party! No one likes a broke socialite.
  • Illegal substances and alcohol you do not and I repeat do not….NEED THEM!! 

Those are just a couple tips I do myself and they work for me. I have had those late nights and nights where I wanted to give up but you can’t. Use this year to get to those #lifegoals that you post on IG. Overall folks, it is time to put in real work which is sacrificing just a little bit. You will thank yourself and your bank account later!




Lauryn Hill Has A Cellmate……Mary J. Blige

Uncle Sam BW

Uncle Sam BW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: MJB

English: MJB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why can’t anyone learn from Wesley Snipes and Ronald Isley when it comes to taxes? Uncle Sam once again put a tax lien on no other then Mary J. Blige one of the queens of soul for a whopping $3,426,255.43. Now the oh so cool Internal Revenue (IRS) is claiming that MJB failed to pay all of her income tax for the years of 2009 ($574,907.30) 2010 ($2,203,743.53) and 2011 ($647,604.60) MJB done messed up now she might as well get the bunk Lauryn didn’t claim. Just wait one minute though there is more MJB has been having some financial troubles because of that great default she did that was worth $2.2 million loan to her. To add some more numbers to this Mary owes the state of New Jersey $901,769.65. Then that charity of hers is being sued for the $250 loan they have failed to repay.-(Source: Funky Dineva)

Now MJB knows better than this all of this money we all know she either has all of the money or at least some of it. Is it that husband of hers that is controlling the money and does not know what to do with it? If she does become cellmates with the wonder Lauryn Hill I can bet you that some type of CD would come out about it. I would buy it and the bootleg version just to have two. She better fix all of this and quick that also explains the Burger King ads. We all know $$$$$$$ runs the world.


Tax Evasion & Lauryn Hill



The oh so wonderful singer Lauryn Noelle Hill from the group of The Fugees has been sentenced to 3 wonderful months in…FEDERAL PRISON. For tax evasion even though she says that she paid off the near $1 million dollar bill to Uncle Sam before being sentence. A few moments ago in Newark, New Jersey a judge gave her the sentence. Now the judge told Lauryn that when she completes her 3 month sting behind bars that she will spend 3 more months on house arrest. Then followed by 9 months of supervised release. Before the hearing started, Lauryn’s attorney stated to the media that the singer scraped up more then $97,000 to repay her debt to Uncle Sam (U.S Government.) The 37 years young former Fugee plead… GUILTY LAST YEAR TO THREE COUNTS THEM THREE COUNTS OF TAX EVASION!!! For failing to file returns on the $1.8 million that she earned from 2005 to 2007. I give the attorney props they tried to use the her wonderful charity work that I have never seen or heard of before and those 6 children of her’s but of course the judge was not buying what the attorney or Lauryn were selling. She ordered to report to prison by July 8. Do I hear a 30 days special on B.E.T? It is still not clear on where she will serve her time. From the courtsey of TMZ if you click on the picture above it will take you to the video of Lauryn walking into court looking kind of nice. – (Source: TMZ)

Now simply if Lauryn paid she needs to show some receipts and some paper work if you do not have that…YOU HAVE NO CASE!!! We all know she has some type of money.