An Intern’s Keyboard: When Are You Coming Back?


*Opens laptop*

An intern’s lifestyle at times can be a lifestyle of self-guiding! “What do you mean by that Travis?” is what you are probably asking and that is ok. Due to the fact of…..MY SUPERVISOR IS OUT OF TOWN!!! So now I sit here with my keyboard in hand trying to understand what is a little intern like me suppose to do. I’ll tell you what I am about to do….find some more work to do that pertains to my internship that is. As I finish up on some small projects I am almost starting to figure out my own. Projects that help the center out more than hurt it….even though it is under renovations. He is a busy man so what do I expect? For him to always be around by my side. No, not even a little bit! Oh lord! (Drake pun hopefully you caught it) At the same time though I will be out of town myself on a business trip so I will be guiding myself along the way to being productive still even though at times it will be challenging because I will be in Atlanta. I’ll find a way folks I promise. But I’ll be on standby folks when he gets back because when he does….oh buddy! I know there will be a meeting set up with not only us but one another special person. May I’ll give y’all the low down on that conversation. Oh and stay productive folks!


*Closes laptop*

Your Youth & Your Youthful Finances (“I Got Money” Talk)


Do not get me wrong here folks I am not bragging about my finances, not one bit. I do understand that some people may not agree with this post on the basis of…”Everyone does not have it like you, Travis.” Which I totally understand but just like them I do not have it like others! I have put in my work and will continue to do so.This is a simple post about how I feel when it comes to my generations finances and how they need to be better! Along with what can be done to have better finances. A lesson may be taught from this. Yes, you may have something that is above zero but do you know how to spend it? So you saying “I got money” will be “I had money” in a few right? 


Within our generation and I am speaking for the 90s babies majority of us do not know how to save money or what to do it (from what I have seen). Unless it is something illegal (weed) or something that is not a must-have such as sneakers, then we will spend our money on that faster than we will spend it on buying a car or anything else that is deemed important. How do I know? At one point I was guilty of this and some of my friends were too. So who put me on point? My oh so wonderful mother also known as The Finance Bar. Some of us have grown out of it due to it happening within our younger years! “What are you getting at Travis?” is what you may be asking. What I am getting at is that….IT IS TIME TO GROW UP PEOPLE!!! It is time for us to grow our money! Yes, I know it can be hard. But are you willing to sacrifice? That is what it is all about. For example, if you do not know I am a military guy so I have spent overall maybe three months of time just dealing with military stuff. As a result, I did not see my friends and family, missed out on parties…I EVEN MISSED OUT ON MY UNIVERITY’S HOMECOMING AND WE HAD WALE THAT YEAR!!! Aside, from that when I was in high school I worked at Chick-Fil-A, and if I could help it I would work every day other then Sunday, of course, to make sure I had that extra cash. That was around the time I figured out how to pay for skip lines at parties. Yea, I am that guy….RIGHT UP INTO THE PARTY I GO!!! I refuse to wait outside and you should too. It was all because I saved and I am not the only one who has done it! I know plenty of people who put in that extra work and you can too. You wanna know what you can do? Let me tell you:

  • Limit your spending habit. A budget is always good to have.
  • Whatever you receive put 10% of it in your…SAVINGS ACCOUNT!! That is what it is there for… to save.
  • Know when to say “no” to outings. If you do not have it you do not have it. (Not having it does not mean broke it means that whatever it it does not fit within your financial goals)
  • If you work take up some extra shifts. Maybe another job if you are able to. There is nothing wrong with the “you are always at work” it’s because you are always at the bank. HA!! (College students finding an on-campus job saves gas and time)
  • If you are willing to make a time to sacrifice and commit, join the military either full-time or part-time. Unless your job calls for it….YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WAR!!!
  • Stop buying clothes for every single party! No one likes a broke socialite.
  • Illegal substances and alcohol you do not and I repeat do not….NEED THEM!! 

Those are just a couple tips I do myself and they work for me. I have had those late nights and nights where I wanted to give up but you can’t. Use this year to get to those #lifegoals that you post on IG. Overall folks, it is time to put in real work which is sacrificing just a little bit. You will thank yourself and your bank account later!




My Top 5 Fall Jackets/Coats (No Special Order)



You have to interpret what’s hot to make it work on yourself. If tweed suits are in, but you’re not a suit kind of girl, wear the jacket with jeans and a pair of Converses. – Rachel Zoe

Now since it is getting a little cold all of us need a good jacket/coat. So maybe my list can either help you get an idea for a jacket or have you buy one of these nice pieces of clothing to keep that body of yours warm. Oh to make it easier to find I have the links attached to the photos when you click on them:

Let me start simple….a denim jacket from your local Forever 21. A denim jacket in the fall is a jacket that you cannot go wrong with it. Even though some people do. Oddly, this jacket can go with many things from a dinner with friends at a local upscale restaurant with a white long sleeve collared shirt, wide brim hat, and a pair of burgundy chinos. On the other side it can go with your favorite pair of Adidas with a pair of joggers with a long sleeve Stussy sweater with a basic snapback.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 18.54.46 (2)

Next, is one of my favorites but is a little bit too expensive for my taste but I will have it within my dormitory closet one day but not soon. You can find this jacket online on the Supreme website. I think this jacket can be worn but you have to wait till it is pretty cold but it can worn with anything almost like the denim jacket it can go from classy to urban but stay more on the urban side with this jacket. Just this jacket is more of a head turner if worn make sure that people around you know that this fur is fake. Just in case PETA is around with their red paint/blood and then you are out of $348.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 18.39.25 (2)

Well…well….we meet again wool blend this time you are not what I expected. For the longest I was not a fan of wool blend jackets just because of how itchy they can be. Now, I’ll take the itchiness for what it is and buy this coat because it is something that I will only wear to those high priced banquets at my accredited university. This jacket to me is strictly for those high class moments in life but you can go against the grain and wear this with a pair of your favorite jordans with a pair of ripped jeans and a basic white t-shirt and wear a fitted of your favorite basketball team.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 18.38.08 (2)

Now this jacket I have tried on personally and I love it as you see in the gif. Reason being I am going through 8JWE1ithis strange time in my life where I am obsessed with any piece of clothing that is longer than my torso. Quite awkwardly I wore this jacket with shorts bought from DeadHeart NYC and it actually looked somewhat good so this jacket can be worn with short but only the right pair. This long bomber jacket to me can be worn with plenty outfits but it all depends on what color you buy. I prefer the olive green due to the fact that it is always good to have on a warm color during the fall with any outfit.

Now for my favorite jacket that I have been wanting so bad but I just cannot afford it just yet. It is the Vfiles (favorite online store) Sports Plus puffer jacket. Simply put this jacket will turn heads and break necks. This is the type of jacket you step out in and have no regrets about it no matter what the outfit is. From wearing Nike slides to those Rihanna Puma Creepers that I have been wanting so bad but they do not have size this jacket is a conversation piece.



Screenshot 2015-05-18 19.11.23

(Source: Instagram)

It has arrived the video that we have all waited on for so long. Just a couple of minutes ago rapper Nicki Minaj posted video clips and some pictures of the new video “Feeling Myself” featuring no other than The Queen Bee herself…BEYONCE!!! Now the video and song is them pretty much bragging on themselves which there is nothing wrong with if you ask me I mean they have a lot to brag about. Now here is the catch for the whole music video….ready….get ready….YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MEMBERSHIP THROUGH TIDAL TO WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO!!! So little bloggers like me can’t get to it unless I pay up some money. Tidal is a new music streaming service created by Jay-Z (Wifey was looking out) so it is comparable to Spotify and Youtube. On the flip side both artist are part of the huge A-List of folks who have partnered in with Jay-Z for Tidal. Some of the reactions to it where quite funny to me. Here are a few…

(Source: E-Online)

As you see some fans were not too excited about being almost lured to buying a subscription. I am just waiting on either artist or some kid to leak the video to the general public for all of us to see or put on Tumblr. Now on to some of the fashions within the video Nicki Minaj is wearing Moschino and Discount Universe. Beyonce is wearing some Off White  now for the only looks no designers have stepped up yet but I will be looking. Overall the video from what I have seen will most likely be noted in music video as a simply great video.

Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj (Feat. Beyonce) Video (Source: Tumblr)


#BEEN TRILL#’s New Collection….Will it sell out?

Been Trill Logo

Click here for Been Trill online store

Virgil Abloh and Matt Williams are always re-creating the brand #Been Trill# every time the fashion world thinks it has it figured out but….NEVER THAT!!! They’ve flipped on us once again. The brand has released its lookbook for it’s newest collection and I just may buy some of it. The shots were taken within a studio along with some taken in nature as some of the eggheads call it but I say outside (I don’t like bugs). The pieces that were shot are for sell on the #Been Trill# website at prices that I thought would be a higher but I’m not complaining of course. You’ll see some familiar things such as the ChiefKeef & Glory Boyz collab but with some fresh new looks such as one of the tees that have “Eternal Entropy” that’s across the back, with some other text that may remind some of you of an older version of Microsoft. Like I said before maybe I’ll get some of the gear reason being Been Trill has really turned Urban style/fashion into something that’s quite interesting and really thrives off of simple pieces such as t-shirts and hoodies. Plus I’ve been wanting to buy some Been Trill. (Source: Complex) Here are some of the pictures from the look book you can find the rest on: (Click one the pictures to be routed to the article.) 1402685723_screenshot20140613at2.43.39pm1402685837_screenshot20140613at2.45.15pm1402685770_screenshot20140613at2.44.16pm


2013 Fall/Winter Supreme Apparel Collection



Since those leaves will be falling off the trees in a little bit it’s time for Fall everyone and Supreme has a collection for it. The supreme-2013-fall-winter-apparel-collection-01heavy range outwear that is included within this collection comes from the collaboration with Schott the originators of the motorcycle jacket. In this collection we see sheepskin coats that I will attempt to buy. The collection has also brought in patterned shirting, hoodies & parkas. Plus t-shirt collaboration with The Pogues’ who’s frontman is Shane MacGown. The release date is on August 22nd at Supreme’s London, New York, and Los Angeles. In its Japan store but they are releasing that on August 24th. Now the Supreme online website will be re-opening on August 29th. I’m interested in the collection I don’t see many things but I would wear the coats and the champion hoodies. (Source: HypeBeast) If you want to see 
the whole collection just click on one of the pictures.




A$AP Rocky Finally Speaks On K-Dot’s “Control” Verse


If any rapper can keep it all the way real it’s A$AP Rocky. While in the Hot 97 studio with the only and only Funkmaster Flex where he was making an attempt to prompt his fellow group member of the A$AP Mob A$AP Ferg new album Trap Lord that dropped today August 20th. Of course Flex had to ask about the verse cause Rocky was mentioned on the verse to get his opinion. You can tell A$AP Rocky is a good friend to have cause he praised Kendrick Lamar for pushing hip-hop in a new way. Even though he did shoot down his crowning of the “King of NY”. By saying “I feel like that King Of New York shit…you smoking crack…you crazy.” To me K-Dot was giving praise to the rappers that were mentioned he pretty much said y’all are my competition and he’s out to get y’all. I want to hear verses by people who were actually mentioned. If you were not mentioned why do you feel the need to make a verse even if you’re from New York? KENDRICK LAMAR KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING!!! IT’S OBVIOUS!!! IT’S BEEN TIME TO STIR UP THE RAP GAME A BIT!!! (Source: GlobalGrind)


Two Queens Going At It Lady Gaga Vs. Perez Hilton


Lady Gaga & Perez Hilton at the AMA Awards
I do not own this picture

So the two now former close friends have been going at it like two cats going at a piece of fish.  The feud from what it looks like stems from Perez Hilton tweeting Thursday that Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” is better than Lady Gaga‘s new single “Applause”.  That next day Lady Gaga, who just healed from a serious tear to her right hip, spoke upon a text that Perez sent her making fun of her injury. “Still have the text Perez sent me of me in a wheelchair with the words KARMA written across + Madonna pointing a gun at me,” Gaga tweeted. Then Sunday Lady Gaga went in and let have, when she accused Perez of stalking her when one of her fans (Little Monsters) saw Perez in the apartment building that Gaga lives in. “STAY AWAY FROM ME + MY FAMILY YOU ARE SICK TRYING TO RENT AN APARTMENT IN MY BUILDING TO STALK ME. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” is what she tweeted talking about what happen. Perez, who lives in Los Angeles, said last week that he is moving to NY with his son via a surrogate in February. He responded to Gaga’s tweet Sunday night with a post on his blog, with the title being “A Statement On Lady GaGa’s Lies.” In the post he’s explaining that he was innocently house hunting in New York and he later learned that one of the buildings he visited was actually Gaga’s building. “After a day of innocent house-hunting, I am devastated and my heart hurts that my former very good friend, a person I used to call my ‘wifey’ and traveled the world with, is making very public and very untrue allegations about me on Twitter,” he wrote, plus “it is still too painful” to really reveal what happen to their friendship. As a result of Gaga’s tweets, her fans have sent death threats and derogatory opinions to him and his 6 month old son. “If her fans want to send a message of support to Lady GaGa, they should buy her music,” Perez wrote. That was a small reference to several media outlets saying that her new single is a flop. A couple of minutes after Gaga tweeted saying “I’ve been quiet for a long time, not this time,” Perez got the last tweet in though saying “The truth will all eventually come out. It usually does!” Well, this blogger wants to see the “truth” he speaks of. I’m a Lady Gaga fan but if Mother Monster is wrong I’ll say she is and even tweet her saying that she is even though she probably won’t see it or even reply. We all know Perez has too much mouth even though he tries to cover it up because I was looking for those tweets again to quote some more and I couldn’t find them. Now he is acting like a big victim with his tweets that night. He deleted all of the accusations towards Gaga so to me that speaks volume. Just know that I’m ready for the truth and I’ll be buying Art Pop (Gaga’s new album). (Source: CNN)


Out 2 Months Early JaRule Is

Holla Holla

Holla Holla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I see Lauryn Hill has a bed that is now open they just need to assign that cell. Around 10 AM on May 7th but he must stay at home on home confinement until July 28th. In 2010 he was hit with a 2 year sentence for pleading guilty on a attempted criminal possession of a weapon coming from a 2007 incident with cops where they found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in his wonderful sports car. But he did turn himself in during June of 2011. Of July 2011 after pulling a Lauryn Hill he was sentenced to 28 months in prison for tax evasion after not paying on more then $3 million of his earnings from 2004-2006. JaRule served with his tax evasion the gun possession sentence. – (Source: Funky Dinecva)

K. Michelle Now Part Of The Cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta



Now we all know Kimberly Michelle Pate better known as K. Michelle a singer best known for I Just Can’t Do This and How Many Times. As of now she is mostly known for being part of the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on VH1 if you need more information she is one who is from Memphis, Tennessee, she can jump a fence, “OH SHE SHAKIN THE TABLE!!!” girl, or best known for “I’ll chop you in yo trachea.” Also she is the only cast member that practically changes her hair every scene of every episode. Well, she has left the Atlanta cast with Lil Scrappy and Joseline and all those other folk and is now joining the cast of New York with Joe Budden & Tahairy who are staying on the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York. Now as most may know LHHNY season was not too popular like it’s sister show LHHATL which means SOMEONE GOTS TO GO!!! So it begins of course it is no surprise that Jenn & Consequence are leaving to hopefully never return they were just over the top aggravating a women crying all the time and a man who just talks to talk….GET OFF MY TV!!! Plus from what I saw of Yandy it would be only right to assume that she will be back with Mandeecees if those alleged child molestation charges don’t stick or even get him fired from the show. It has not been released yet about other cast members if they will be back but I do know I want my girl with her deep red tracks Rashidah Ali to be back. But from the courtesy of ABC news here are some transcripts: – (Story Source: Funky Dineva)

Validating She’s Departing LHHATL, Hints She’s On A Different  VH1 Show:
“If I know something is unhealthy for me why keep doing it. I’m not saying that I’m not dealing with other ventures with VH1 and Mona [Scott Young, the creator]. …You might see me in Love & Hip Hop New York. You never know.”

On Her Connection with Mimi After Their Fight in NYC:
“You know I recently spoke with Mimi — I can’t give the show away — but I did apologize to her because at no means is it ever appropriate to slap somebody. Especially with my mom being there and that being my first sold out show at B. B. King’s and that’s very monumental for an artist and for you to come to my event; I don’t do that. But I will take the responsibility…I should’ve just walked away from Mimi instead of making her smell the flowers.”

Suggesting Mimi and New Boyfriend Niko Broke Up (He Wasn’t at LHHATL Premiere Party):

“I can’t tell you that. You know I’m always right in my beliefs. You know, I’m very intuitive to things and to people. Yeah. That’s for you guys to find out; for her to tell.”

About Rasheeda:
“I have no respect for her. I hope her child doesn’t have the same morals as her and her husband. …The world is already messed up enough. We don’t even need another seed that has no morals, no nothing.”

About New Castmate DJ Tracy Steele:
“She’s an opportunist. I have no problem with this lady but I can tell an opportunist when I see one. She’ll do whatever she’s told to stay on that camera.”

Why She’s Departing L&HHATL:
“I think it’s a lot of jealousy between my cast members, and they can’t say it’s not. It’s not my fault that God didn’t give them no talent. That’s not my fault that you didn’t take your platform and do something else with it.”

Transcript courtesy ABC NEWS

Now the season of Love & Hip Hop has already started so watch that every Monday at 8:00 PM est on VH1.