How I Really Feel About The Clearance Section! (A Lesson To Be Taught)


Do not get me wrong folks…..I love the clearance section of any store but am I the only one that peeped that majority of them are quite weak now! Like back in the day in my middle school years and some high school years (I am a college junior now) it felt as though all of my little “fashion weirdness” dreams would be answered by the clearance section. Now, it feels as though those dreams have become nightmares for not only my outfit game but for my pockets too. Keep up with me on this! Like this man in the background…but I will be moving at the speed of Nicki Minaj!

6aidj3n5quvdgSo let’s touch one of my “favorite” mainstream stores that I want to low-key work at…Urban Outfitters (UO). For years I have shopped at this store through its good times and bad times I was always there. At that wooden desk with my little debit card praying that it goes through. Even though I would have a hand full of nothing but clothes that were past its season. No issue to me! I would run into that store and push everyone out of the way just to go through the many racks of clearance. I would find anything everything from jerseys to pants that actually fit me. I was so happy…..but as time went by the racks got smaller and the 50% clearance sale did not happen as often. So I went from running too fast walking to a slight shuffle into the back of this store. Now, the clearance section feels just as expensive as the main floor with lame clothing.

Why do I think that is? One, UO is one of the biggest hot spots now when it comes to Urban/Hipster clothing so of course prices are going to go up and things stay out a little longer on the sales floor. (My HBCU has taught me a little something-something.) Secondly, we are within an age of fashion where everyone has the talent to make something for someone. Well, let me not say everyone but majority of people and if someone does not have that talent they know some who does. I mean for me having my own clothing brand for this Christmas seasons people have dropped the mainstream stores and started shopping with me! So I cannot complain too much. Finally, people gotta save their money so UO along with other stores is trying to cut back on their losses.

What is to be taught from this?:

  1. The 90’s baby age group has deaded the whole concept of being trendy just a little bit and trying to be smarter with our money. I mean let’s face it most of us are in our 20’s. We are going to leave all that expensive stuff to the 2000’s babies.
  2. Mainstream stores are starting to lose their audiences that they have been supporting them for years. (Another example: American Apparel)
  3. D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) or LSDI (Let Someone Do It) I made the second one up but besides that those are the two ways to go as of right now. If someone can make you something that is custom to you for just a couple of dollars extra or same price as store stuff you are more willing to get it. Which makes sense. Along with DIY stuff if you can do it…..why buy it? I mean let’s be real if you know that you can make your own “Yeezy” Season hoodie or your own clutch why buy it?
  4. Personal style has not become truly….PERSONAL! 



2013 Fall/Winter Supreme Apparel Collection



Since those leaves will be falling off the trees in a little bit it’s time for Fall everyone and Supreme has a collection for it. The supreme-2013-fall-winter-apparel-collection-01heavy range outwear that is included within this collection comes from the collaboration with Schott the originators of the motorcycle jacket. In this collection we see sheepskin coats that I will attempt to buy. The collection has also brought in patterned shirting, hoodies & parkas. Plus t-shirt collaboration with The Pogues’ who’s frontman is Shane MacGown. The release date is on August 22nd at Supreme’s London, New York, and Los Angeles. In its Japan store but they are releasing that on August 24th. Now the Supreme online website will be re-opening on August 29th. I’m interested in the collection I don’t see many things but I would wear the coats and the champion hoodies. (Source: HypeBeast) If you want to see 
the whole collection just click on one of the pictures.




AND IT BEGINS!!! Kate Middelton’s In Labor (Updated)


Credit: Matt Dunham/AP Photo

The process has begun The Duchess of Cambridge is in Labor. According to Kensington Palace Kate has been checked into St. Mary’s Hospital in London. We have all waited 9 long months for this and now it is finally happening. “The Duchess traveled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge,” from what the palace statement read that was released in the early morning. Now she is sitting somewhat comfortable or probably in pain in wonderful private birthing suite in the Lindo Wing. The people at Buckingham Palace are now on high alert, fitting a luxurious system of display when the great moment comes. The rules of conduct will, with some exceptions, be mired in tradition. “Nothing has changed, to be honest,” ABC Royal Expert Victoria Arbiter clued in Yahoo! Shine. “The whole thing, from beginning to end, will be very reminiscent of Prince William’s birth.” That is very true of course starting with St. Mary’s, that is the location where both Brothers Prince William and Harry were born, with Prince Charles at Diana’s side. Prince William, 31 has stated that he intends on following his father’s footsteps and be in the birthing suite with Kate. Royal obstetrician Marcus Setchell, assisted by Dr. Alan Farthing, will assist with Kate’s delivery, which, according to many reports, she hopes will be a

English: A photograph of Prince William of Wal...

English: A photograph of Prince William of Wales and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

natural one states Yahoo! Shine. It may be a non-excruciating, calm process, granted that recent reports have stated that she may use a technique known as HypnoBirthing to lack difficulty of labor. When baby is born the great and powerful Royal PR team will move on in and release information of the birth. The details of the birth will be posted on the same wooden easel used to make public of Prince William’s birth. We all know this is about to be a huge ceremony. We just have to wait for it. (

Update: IT’S A BOY NAMED GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS!!! He is a Cancer on the Zodiac calender.