3 Reasons Why Your Social Media Enagement Efforts Aren’t Working

Social Media

Excuse my harshness I am just a passionate person when it comes to your social media efforts and I just want the best for you! So for a while, you’ve been trying to boost your followers and engagements on social media. Right? But for some reason, it isn’t working out the best. But why? Now, this post can be geared towards your small business or brand but I am just going to gear this towards you and give you 3 tips that can really help you. Each header will take you to another post to back up what I am saying. Just in case you don’t believe what I am saying! Let’s dive in:

You Aren't Being Consistent (Schedule) 

You Aren’t Being Consistent (Schedule) 

“What do you mean Travis? I am posting the best that I can.” – You

Well, your best may not be enough if you don’t have a strategy. No matter the type of account you need to develop a system for your posting. For example, what are the best days to post and time and who is engaging with your content the most? Once you answer those you need to create a strategy regardless of the size when it comes to posting and the content you post.

What You're Posting Isn't Good

What You’re Posting Isn’t Good (Content)

“My pictures are nice though.” – You

It’s not that your pictures or writings aren’t good it’s just not catching the attention of others or people just don’t care about what you’re posting. Here is how you catch people’s attention and make them care. You need to post what people know you well for if that’s fashion like me post your outfits of the day or something of that nature. If you are known for giving advice post daily life advice tips. Simply, find your niche and begin posting it.

empty theater auditorium or movie cinema with red seats

You Don’t Know Your Audience (Analytics)

“Well, I have followers what else do I need to know?” – You

Yes, you have followers. Yes, some do interact with your content by liking or commenting. But do you understand those people who are interacting? Understanding your audience makes everything easier for you! Begin to look into your analytics and start understanding who it is you’re trying to relate to and who wants to interact with your content.

So what’s next? You need to go and put yourself on a schedule to remain consistent. Maybe use a website like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your post. Begin to post amazing content that actually suits the audience that you are trying to engage. Along with trying to use hashtags with your posting like the top 15 or 20 hashtags that can also drive engagement. We all start somewhere and usually, that’s at zero when it comes to social media but with these tips, things are going to get better! I promise. Want more tips like this subscribe!


Are You Living Your Best Life? Yes or No? (Podcast)

Life Lessons

A while back on my Instagram (@_thet_) I posted a poll asking, “Are you living your best life? If you are why do you think that and if not why aren’t you?” With that question, I just wanted to know from my followers if they were or not and to do a small bit of research.

The majority, of young African Americans, believe that they are not living their best life due to a multitude of things finances, post-grad life, or simply not doing what they want to do in life and not knowing how to start!

I did not solely piece that together with my small poll, but from situations, I have been in within my life. On the flip side other young African Americans believe they are from their current situation that could be considered stagnant or they are just simply comfortable. The question that I will always have though is, can you ever live your best life if you are always growing and developing in life? My answer is in the recording below!  Gif by Giphy!

A Planned Life (Let’s Plan Accordignly)

Life Lessons

You may feel as though the day gets away from you and you aren’t accomplishing anything which is…..OK! Many people do but are you truly planning for your life or just planning for the day? Here is what I mean:

  • Planning for the day: Going to work and going out with not much thought of what you are going to do in the future in the terms of career, life, or anything that will bring you to that next level of life. If it is finically or just overall happiness.
  • Planning for Life: Living your daily life with goals that you are trying to reach that will bring you to that next level. You’re writing them down in places to remind you daily. You are setting up things that will benefit you in the long term! 


Currently, this may be you!

Simple right? Right. You are probably asking, “Travis, how do I plan accordingly?” In the simplest way…SET YOURSELF UP FOR THE FUTURE!! Invest in something that will pay you back in the long run. Get that extra bit of education to get that promotion at your job. Start that small business that you’ve wanted to start. Just start planning for the bigger picture of life! If you have your own business already start doing everything and anything that deals with that business….dive into it. Don’t do what you believe you can and stick to that ground level. I am tired of hearing and seeing people who aren’t planning accordingly and are at a constant stand still with life. Never get comfortable!

Yes, enjoy the moment but when it is all said and done plan for the next step. Here is an example that is personal to me on both ends:

  • Me planning for the day: Before graduating from high school I did not know what I was going to do for college! All of my friends knew but me….I applied for one school and that was my dream school. I applied and the day decision was given out I was…..denied. I was being lazy and counter productive that I did not know what to do so I planned for that day, not for my life. But thank God my parents were planning for my life now I am at a school that I love and would have wished I considered a long time ago!
  • Me planning for life: Going into my senior year of college I already know what graduate school I want to attend and working to make sure that I am undeniable. I know the budget I want to be on for my first apartment! I know where I want my brand (#TravisSpeaks & 3>2.96) to be out in the future. Lowkey, I know where I want my Ph.D. and figuring out the requirements for that. I know where I want to be at organizational (ΑΚΨ & ΩΨΦ) wise when it comes to holding a national position within the organizations! But like always my parents are still helping me plan.


Prepare yourself to have one of these moments.

Take your time and sit down with yourself and say to yourself, “What is next for me?” Let the thoughts flow and write them down. Figure out your goals and begin to PLAN the steps it takes to get to that goal. It could all be so simple! If you need some help ask someone who you think that knows best or….ASK ME!!! Email me at tb.3296@gmail.com or DM on IG @_thet_! I will be happy to help. It is always the season for improvements! So start improving but stay patient. It takes time to get into the new groove of improvement. God knows it was hard for me at some points because you either feel defeated or still nothing is happening. Like I said before what you are doing is not for the moment it is for the long run. Like a savings account for life, it is not needed at that moment but you will need it in the future! 



R.T & Air Force 1 “Beige” Collection (Gawd Blessed)


Source: NiceKicks.com

Source: Nike

Source: Nike

Now other than loving to serve my two cents on celebrity gossip I love style/fashion since they are two separate things but I won’t get into that today that’s for another day. Now Riccardo Tisci an Italian fashion designer who’s the creative director of Givenchy, which is one of the most respected French fashion houses has this ongoing collaboration with Nike on their iconic Air Force 1’s and they have once again released another amazing collection. Just like the last collection the newest collection comes in four different cuts. Of course the most popular cuts the low and mid then you have the high and boot cut are included also and to be honest I want every single pair if I could afford them. But guess what being a college student I may have to buy the replicas but I digress. The white outsole, grey upper that gives a nice muted touch and beige colored leather with a bit of ornate black this collection is what’s needed for the seasons I mean look at em I see some vintage acid washed Levi jeans. I can also see a pair of black joggers or even a pair of Chubbies shorts but that whole outfit is up to you. The slight nod that he made to the tribal roots of this collection is explained by Riccardo, “Everyone in the world needs identity so they are all making themselves into tribes.” He continues by saying, “They are more Goth, more pure or more punk, more rap, more R&B …You can have a million different tribes, but it’s always one thing that unites them.” I’m thinking that was the inspiration for the last collection also. October 16th is the day for this collection and hopefully I’m not too busy with essays and online test and I’ll cop the high cut pair. Let me call mother. Hopefully that refund check comes before than too. I’ll pray on it. To keep up on these release head over to NikeLab.

Source: Nike

(Source: NiceKicks)