An Intern’s Keyboard: Delayed Entry

An Intern's Keyboard

*Opens laptop*

I feel as though I am an Olympic track runner about to run a 100-meter dash. All my life I have waited for this opportunity and now it is here for me to take when the blank from that revolver goes off I am going to take off running… more prep…..this is all me. There is an issue, though….the revolver has not gone off yet! Why am I still waiting? So this whole analogy means what Travis?

PRETTY MUCH!!! While doing this internship last year all we would speak about is the renovation and how everything is going to be so nice and how I will be needed to do so much! So I prepared myself the best way to do it but everything just seems so frozen! Not saying that I am not doing any work at all but it is work that I created for myself, not for my supervisor. I am not complaining…well…I am a little bit. Probably, because I am so ready to put what I have learned in school into action. Such as what I learned in my PR classes! I know he is going to come to me…he is just a busy guy.

Until then I will keep with my prep work and maybe I will sneak out to the center and take some pictures of the demolition. *Puts on designer hard hat*


*Closes laptop*

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