Ian Connor What Is Going On?!?! You Fight Your Folks? Mann…(Video)


“The hip-hop world giveth, and the hip-hop world taketh away.”Marlow Stern

Well, folks you probably already know but I will let you know again Ian Connor has gotten into a fight with Theophilus London and A$AP Bari on Tuesday (Jun. 23) in Paris. Yea, it does low key makes me sad too. From my understanding Ian Connor is the creative consultant for Kanye West and is a stylist closely affiliated with the A$AP Mob. So he is making some major moves. But this last move…well punch wasn’t his best move and may have canceled him out of the underground fashion world as a whole. Some say that all of this tension is over Ian being recently accused of raping women. Which he has denied. None, of his famous homies have spoke on it until now. Here is a video from Complex that explains:

The fight broke out at Virgil Abloh’s Off-White book signing at the Colette store which to me probably was a big enough event to set aside all problems for that time. In the video you see a distressed Ian being yelled at by A$AP Bari. So in his distress Ian throws I guess you can say punch at Theophilus London a rapper who is quite taller than Ian and probably was the tallest human in the building at that time. Theo was not able to get his hands on Ian fast enough before A$AP Rocky stops the raging Theo. But then like a thief in the night Bari steals a NASTY combo on Ian. Which from what I could see connected quite well.

Next, you will see in the video Ian coming out of the store and once again gets snuffed by who…..BARI!!! For Bari size he is quite quick with the hits. Makes me want to practice my hits. *Right hooks* But before Bari could throw another combo on em he is stopped. Per usual all because the fight is over does not mean the feud is over they take it to social media: (It is a lot to read)Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.54.07Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.54.16Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.53.34 Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.53.41 Screenshot 2016-06-25 12.08.57Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.53.26 Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.53.16 Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.53.08 - Copy Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.52.57 Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.52.49 Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.52.41

Overall, y’all this has to be over something way deeper. Accusations are being thrown around and business is being told….messy? Yes. Could be all business issues that turned personal or personal issues that are messing with business. Either way I wish the best for everyone. From what I am reading and hearing Ian just needs to humble himself. Ian has inspired many people in his career including me when it comes to a small piece of my style he is one of the reasons why I bought a pair of Sketchers. Maybe they can reconcile their differences and continue to make art. When and how that is going to happen? This blogger does not know. Since Rocky is the mutual force between the two maybe he can help. They just need some milk!



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