Why Refuse to Police Beyonce’s Concert Tampa Police?


Tampa, Florida police you cannot be serious. “Anti-police” performance since when? When it comes to Beyonce I always expect a show and her performance at the Super Bowl was nothing short of one. Even though my team loss #KeepPounding but I digress. Reportedly, the police officers in Tampa are feeling some type of way due to the Super Bowl halftime performance that had Beyonce’s back up dancers in “Black Panther-style” costume. Along with the “Transformation” that showed young African American children standing before riot police and “stop shooting us.” A sign-up sheet for off duty officers willing to pull security for the concert on April 29 still remains blank at Raymond James Stadium. Steve Hegarty a spokesman for the Tamapa Police Department told the Times “This is a couple of months away, so we’ve still got plenty of time to fill those slots.” Beyonce’s latest musical work has a struck with pro-police groups around the country. Some even feel the need to call for a Beyonce boycott. Wait till the Beyhive get a hold of them they will stop real quick.

Now help me understand…POLICE FEEL LIKE BEYONCE DO NOT WANT THEM AROUND?!?!? If that was the truth she would say it. I am very confident she would. “Anti-police” message…really? If anything she has the money to hire security instead of the police. So this is not a big issue to me per usual police are trying to find a reason to get back on good terms with society and make everyone seem as if they are against them.


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