Speaking On Myself: My Style Life


Some of you may know me personally but….I am not your average dresser I guess you can say and what I have been told. To me my style is a love child of Rox Brown and Ian Connor mixed with a small bit of your 90s stylish grandad and frosted animal crackers. If that makes sense. A line that I hear a lot is, “Only you can pull that off.” In my mind I think, “Can I really? What does that mean? What if someone wore the same thing would they get the same reaction?”. On the other side of that I hear, “You make it look so easy.” Dressing “nice” isn’t something that is hard to obtain or understand. I simply wear what I feel like wearing. That is why I feel as like I am a slight fashion chameleon because I never really stick with one style of dressing. Due to the fact of my mind being too rapid. Here is how I figure out my outfits I have two methods:

  • On What Side Method: When I wake up in the morning and I have not picked out my outfit the night before I pick my outfit based on what side of the bed I am on. If I wake up closes to the wall…I wear a more wallflower outfit. If I wake up on the edge of the bed I wear more of a edgy outfit per say.
  • Does Mom Approve Method: These outfits are set out the night before just like how you would set out a turkey to thaw. I either pitch the outfit to my mother (The Finance Bar) or I send her a picture of me with the full outfit on posing as if I am going to post it on my Instagram. I take pride in my mother’s opinions on my outfits that are at times “too weird for the streets” or maybe I replicated an outfit from Tumblr too hard and mixed it up too hard.


Aside from that I say that my style is something that isn’t as serious as folks make it. To me I just put on clothes and walk out hoping that I do not roll my ankle in a pot hole. If you want to be a “cyber ghetto Tumblr” dressing type of person….do that. If you want to be a simple t-shirt and jeans with your favorite beat up converse….do that. If you want to be the copy Kanye and Rocky…..do that. If you have confidence in your outfit no matter how ugly people try to make it you are one of the best dressed walking.


It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together. – Alexander McQueen



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