Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather Fight (So Boring)



On Saturday May 2nd of 2015 the Floyd Mayweather Vs. Manny Pacquiao ‘Fight of the Century‘ happen. Amazing right? NOT TO ME!! Floyd Mayweather won the match due to UNANIMOUS DECISION in Las Vegas. I wanted to see someone get knocked out… be honest. As I watched the fight I found myself dozing off and not really paying attention probably because I am not interested in boxing but why not watch something new? From reading other reviews people were amazed by the fight but others are starting to analyze it in different ways. Some say it was won by money. Some say it was won by skill. Some say it was won by Mayweather being scared. I say it was won by skill and money because from my understanding Mayweather’s promotional company put on the fight. The hype is what had me watching because some tried to tumblr_nnrlbbxHI51qbwpkvo1_1280compare to the Mike Tyson’s fights and Muhammad Ali’s but to me you cannot compare because it was simply boring. From some of the reviews that I have seen .Other than Mayweather running around the whole ring looking scared to get knocked out to Pacquiao just hitting Mayweather while his guard was up nothing else was entertaining I just saw it as a regular fight. I am just glad I did not pay for it. Congratulations to everyone who won some money and to Floyd and Manny for making the most money….Almost forgot and they hugged a lot.


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