R.T & Air Force 1 “Beige” Collection (Gawd Blessed)


Source: NiceKicks.com

Source: Nike

Source: Nike

Now other than loving to serve my two cents on celebrity gossip I love style/fashion since they are two separate things but I won’t get into that today that’s for another day. Now Riccardo Tisci an Italian fashion designer who’s the creative director of Givenchy, which is one of the most respected French fashion houses has this ongoing collaboration with Nike on their iconic Air Force 1’s and they have once again released another amazing collection. Just like the last collection the newest collection comes in four different cuts. Of course the most popular cuts the low and mid then you have the high and boot cut are included also and to be honest I want every single pair if I could afford them. But guess what being a college student I may have to buy the replicas but I digress. The white outsole, grey upper that gives a nice muted touch and beige colored leather with a bit of ornate black this collection is what’s needed for the seasons I mean look at em I see some vintage acid washed Levi jeans. I can also see a pair of black joggers or even a pair of Chubbies shorts but that whole outfit is up to you. The slight nod that he made to the tribal roots of this collection is explained by Riccardo, “Everyone in the world needs identity so they are all making themselves into tribes.” He continues by saying, “They are more Goth, more pure or more punk, more rap, more R&B …You can have a million different tribes, but it’s always one thing that unites them.” I’m thinking that was the inspiration for the last collection also. October 16th is the day for this collection and hopefully I’m not too busy with essays and online test and I’ll cop the high cut pair. Let me call mother. Hopefully that refund check comes before than too. I’ll pray on it. To keep up on these release head over to NikeLab.

Source: Nike

(Source: NiceKicks)


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