Love & Hip Hop (WWE Reunion) (Updated)


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion has gotten to a point where I don’t think it’ll come back. Fake or not it’s gotten crazy. Has me scared for my own little life. From Momma D talking her nonsense about kingdoms and what not’s to Joseline jumping on every human being in the middle of the show.  In a way y’all I respect the relationship of Joseline and Stevie but here’s why. Even though they are/aren’t “married” I can honestly say that they do love each other because when it really was just supposed to be one of them fighting (one on one) they both jumped up and did what they had to do even though they should’ve not fought because VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER. On the flip side Benzino and Althea looked bout stupid because…THEY SAT THERE!!! We all know when it comes to reality TV it takes at least two to three seconds for security to jump in after the initial hit or security gets closer so when you do jump they grab the attackers and separate the ones who’re about to get attacked. For black folk reality TV shows they try to make it instant after the first hit but we black folk have fast hands and we move fast also so we’ll always make our way around security. Most of the times. Unless you’re like Flocka mama and serve a simple two piece with a biscuit when security drag the one attacking your now no pony tail daughter in law to you….but that’s none of my business. Now with Joseline attacking everyone and realizing how strong she is as a human that may need to be drug tested I genuinely believe that there is something deep down wrong with her because she was really fighting everyone almost you need a small bit baby girl. Now on to Nikko and Mimi….NIKKO GET OFF THE SHOW!!!! Good job at using Mona for some time and money I give you that looking like that thing from Ice Age I think Sid is what its name was. Mimi good job on slightly growing up and growing out of being a little girl and doing little girl things and now knowing that you’re on the right track makes me a happy viewer I’m proud of you. Capitalize on that sex tape (that wasn’t that good) could take you to another level a more positive level I mean look at Kimberly Kardashian West if that’s still her whole name. Right? I’ll leave the show alone for now till the last part so stay updated folks the final take is coming….Oh yes I know I forgot some details that’s all coming. 



Part 3 was one of the most boring endings of a reunion that I’ve ever seen. Honestly, what was proven? Any last words from the other cast members? How did Benzino and Stevie and their ladies really feel? Cause all I saw was a bunch of throwing shade and dirt with no substance at each other. To me if production was SMART they should’ve edited to where the third part was before the second where the fight actually happen. Then have ending “comments” after the fight. To me the whole show and the hype that came with it was all about the big brawl that had happen but there were no cliff hangers for me. In other news Ariane went in on Nikko and I loved every single moment of it because he deserved it all like we all know you released that tape….YOU MADE IT OBVIOUS!!!! If you’re going to set up something and lie to get some money out of it at least know how to keep it under wraps and talk as if you didn’t want the truth to get out. He probably doesn’t care anymore because he doesn’t have a male roommate anymore he traded it in for a nice ol shower rod but I don’t know how his pockets are looking like I’m not that lady who said she took that apartment out for Joseline in her name. They must be heavy because Mimi is staying with him from what I saw. Can someone please help me understand please? Anyone. Like this man full blown exploited you to the public without remorse. That’s none of my business I just like to share my opinion on it because it gives me a good laugh and some others. Now for the short stuff. Scrappy to be honest you’re cool and everything but poor little red bone Erica or Erika however you spell it she just needed to know how you felt about her. Did you want what was in her pants or did you want your heart? I was confused myself. I see he just wanted the pants option because he went with The Bam who I try to hate but like it’s hard to because she went from one show to another which I can respect get your money Bambi. Tell Jackie I said “Hey” when you get a moment from pumping the wheels of your bike with air. Momma D I’ll be getting your little song it’ll be my ringtone for all my ex’s. Just make sure you get some stronger glue for those teeth with the money you receive. Who else was there? Oh, ya Karlie Redd and Jock both of y’all make me laugh because like Karlie you just be talking so much mess and be so deep about it and Jock don’t know how to keep up. I would go in but I want to keep it short. Tammy bless your heart and that ponytail it was just as much as Joseline was. I did catch that picture with you and Flocka on the young Instagram of him with that gun watch out now before the feds lock you on up. May God bless Love & Hip Hip and all that they do. I’m ready for the Hollywood version. This is going to be funny.


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