Concord 11’s VS Bred 11’s



This is one battle that will never end I stay hearing it everywhere from school to Wal-Mart I hear this battle. These shoes have more beef then the rep game. It all started in the year 1995 when the Concord 11’s was released in November of 1995 after the Bred 11’s were released in April of 1995.  The known red sole and the black all over with a hint of white Bred 11’s with its red Jordan jump man logo gives off a little bit of edge within the 11’s model family. Then you have the icy soles with the classic white and black all over with the black Jordan jump man logo the Concord 11’s shows a softer side of the Jordan brand and the 11’s model family. Now the Concord 11’s are known for their December 23,2011 release how some people lost their lives over them and people camped out days before the release. J-Cole said it best “Niggas killing over J’s that’s death over designer”. On the other hand with the Bred 11’s they weren’t as hyped as the Concords but just like it’s opponent a couple of people died over them. Rest in peace to Joshua Woods and Tyreek Amir Jacobs you will be missed. Now we all know why people wanted the Bred 11’s because of that wonderful red sole because….THEY DON’T YELLOW/PISS!!! That’s one of the top reasons why people wanted the shoe other then they looked good and it’s hard to see any flaw within a black shoe such as a stain. The Concord 11’s come in a special box just like the Space Jam 11’s and the Cool Grey 11’s I see the Jordan brand is keeping it all in the family and making the Bred 11’s the evil step child. Now for the sole for the Concord 11’s if you wear them too much and don’t take care of them they will start to yellow/piss then soon it will look like someone dragged them through the dirt. It’s just the Bred 11s come in a simple regular Jordan Box, which threw off some folks because they cost more than the Concord 11’s. Something neutral between the sneakers they both came with shoe trees that were inside of the shoes matching the sole. Now if it were to be my personal choice I would pick the Concord 11s just because I like how they look so flawless almost till you get something on them. I like both of the sneakers and my father actually bought the Bred 11’s for me but I told him to keep them for him to wear. Ignorant right? Yes I know.


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