“Real World: San Francisco” Star Sean Sasser Has Died A Pioneer for Gay Marriage


Sean Sasser, left, in 1996 with “Real World” costar Judd Winick, broke ground with a gay commitment ceremony on the MTV show. (Rick Meyer / Los Angeles Times / August 9, 2013)

Sean Sasser (Source: ETOnline.com)

Sean Sasser, an unlikely pioneer of gay marriage during the 1994 telecast of MTV’s “Real World: San Francisco,” has died. Sean, who was 44, had a rare case lung cancer, according to UPI (United Press International).  John Winick, another one of the cast members of the “Real World” tweeted earlier this week “We will miss u so much”. Sean Sasser and his boyfriend at the time Pedro Zamora gained attention because of their commitment ceremony that was aired on Nov. 3, 1994. Which was held at the “Real World” house, the small event included the couple exchanging their wedding rings & vows. Pedro, who had a case of AIDS, died eight days after the episode was aired to the public. That episode of the “Real World” introduced the young culture at the time to gay marriage and brought to light years before the issue attracted mainstream attention within politics. In the year 1996 a national poll was taken 68% of people that responded were opposed to gay marriage. By the year 2012, the number had dropped to 48%. Sean, who was HIV-positive, reportedly died of mesothelioma, a lung disease. After the “Real World” days, Sean had worked as a pastry chef and remarried. May Sean Sasser soul rest in peace. (Source LaTimes.com)


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