Beyonce Has Dropped The Weave!!!!!




Yes, everyone its true the wonderful Beyonce Knowles snatched out that weave. Even though I would have let that fan do it for me and you know what I am talking about. Last night (August 7, 2013)  she posted some pictures on Instagram showing off the new & short hair and she is giving me life I love it. Even though I am not a big Beyonce fan I do love her looks. She went from her long down her back weave to a wonderful pixie cut that stops at her ears. NOOOWWWWWWW!!!! Let me say this is not a trend cause we all know we may start seeing this on E! News or any other channel saying that its a trend celebs have been cutting their hair for the longest. Halle Berry came out of the womb with short hair. Miley Cyrus cut her hair short a while back. This means ladies not all of you can pull this cut off just like how she had her braids. If you have a small little face this cut would look nice. If you don’t have that type of head stick with long hair/weave.



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