AND IT BEGINS!!! Kate Middelton’s In Labor (Updated)


Credit: Matt Dunham/AP Photo

The process has begun The Duchess of Cambridge is in Labor. According to Kensington Palace Kate has been checked into St. Mary’s Hospital in London. We have all waited 9 long months for this and now it is finally happening. “The Duchess traveled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge,” from what the palace statement read that was released in the early morning. Now she is sitting somewhat comfortable or probably in pain in wonderful private birthing suite in the Lindo Wing. The people at Buckingham Palace are now on high alert, fitting a luxurious system of display when the great moment comes. The rules of conduct will, with some exceptions, be mired in tradition. “Nothing has changed, to be honest,” ABC Royal Expert Victoria Arbiter clued in Yahoo! Shine. “The whole thing, from beginning to end, will be very reminiscent of Prince William’s birth.” That is very true of course starting with St. Mary’s, that is the location where both Brothers Prince William and Harry were born, with Prince Charles at Diana’s side. Prince William, 31 has stated that he intends on following his father’s footsteps and be in the birthing suite with Kate. Royal obstetrician Marcus Setchell, assisted by Dr. Alan Farthing, will assist with Kate’s delivery, which, according to many reports, she hopes will be a

English: A photograph of Prince William of Wal...

English: A photograph of Prince William of Wales and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

natural one states Yahoo! Shine. It may be a non-excruciating, calm process, granted that recent reports have stated that she may use a technique known as HypnoBirthing to lack difficulty of labor. When baby is born the great and powerful Royal PR team will move on in and release information of the birth. The details of the birth will be posted on the same wooden easel used to make public of Prince William’s birth. We all know this is about to be a huge ceremony. We just have to wait for it. (

Update: IT’S A BOY NAMED GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS!!! He is a Cancer on the Zodiac calender.


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