adidas Originals Jeremy Scott 2013 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection


Jeremy Scott

Now I am a very huge Jeremy Scott fan but I think that his collection may just be legendary and one of his best. If you don’t know who Jeremy Scott is he is the man behind most of the crazy sneakers you see. The collection shows a wide arrange of ideas from this man. From a retro “8-bit” looking pair of his iconic wings 2.0 to the also very iconic teddy bear with just a bit of shimmer enough to blind the average human. I am in love with this collection and will attempt to have every single pair in my closet. Cause the collection shows a different side of Scott by showing that he is capable of stepping out of his comfort zone of goofy outrageous shoes and actually putting a tad bit of seriousness into the design not saying that he never did that with other collections. He is bring back the days of his earlier collections like his Beverly Hills license plate sneakers in mint colors. I would post all of the pictures/pictures that have been released but that would ruin the surprise of the other sneakers. With his celeb clientele he will have no problem getting them walking on the streets on the feet of some big names which include Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, and everyone in-between. This collection is his strongest collection to date. My favorite sneaker in this collection lets just say it has money written all over it. (Source: All rights go to the photographers of these photos. I do not own any of them.


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