Evelyn Lozada’s Head Gash After That Fight With Chat Johnson Exposed


She should have bobbed and weaved just like that hair on top of her head. These photos were taken by Davie Police in the Florida emergency room where the wonder Basketball Wives star was taken to after the fight on August 1st, 2012. From the police are saying the forehead laceration measured a good 3 inches. To me this is more than a head butt but of course I’m not saying he didn’t head butt her. Let’s be real everyone look at that cut if a head butt can cause that I don’t want to be on the receiving end of one.Plus we already know Evelyn has a mouth on her and she is quick to pop off then Chad has an attitude already so the egos clashed. Chad was already arrested for domestic violence at his Jupiter mansion and Ms. Evelyn filed for that good o’l divorce 3 days later. I mean no harm but hit me like this oh we are getting a…DIVORCE AND I’M TAKING EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE KITCHEN SINK!! Play with it if you want to. Plus Evelyn’s face is her money maker thank God from what I saw after this incident happens in 2012 she looks alright. Just let it be known cameras can be deceiving though. Also catch this so Chad gets released from the jail house then the pictures surfaced mighty weird don’t y’all think. Someone may want to take Chad down and they are doing a might well good job. – (Source FunkyDineva.com)


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