Randy Jackson Leaving Idol. Say What now?

American Idol's Randy Jackson

American Idol’s Randy Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So from what I have heard and read Randy Jackson the one who is always saying “dawg” he is on his way out of American Idol. US Weekly reveals that the days with the big bucks are coming to an end someone within the source told The Wrap that “No more big checks for divas.” Here is an up side to this their is a rumored replacement here is the list: – (OMG! from Yahoo!)

  • Alicia Keys (Who somewhat declined telling MTV “There’s no room for me.”)
  • Harry Connick, Jr. (Who told Ellen DeGeneres that “I had a good time mentoring. Judging is a whole different deal. I don’t know how good I would be at that.”)
  • Jennifer Lopez (Told “Entertainment Tonight” that “That door’s not closed,” she also said “I know I love the show and I had a great time on it, but the honest truth is I really don’t know what my plans are…I still enjoy the show, I still enjoy seeing those singers take that journey…for me, that’s the real heart of that show.”)
  • Justin Bieber (No comment yet)

Now I would actually like to see none of them to me they need a person the caliber of Randy Jackson not just another celebrity. If they do that it kind of messes up the show then adding another diva will be just more drama that is not needed Nicki and Mariah are more then enough for me. Get someone who is like Randy and let the show go on. Plus this money stuff about them losing those big checks no one really cares because they already got their money out of it. Simple…


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