MET Gala 2013 Fashions Bless Em


I’m a tad bit late but I just got to see all of the wonderful and just plain hideous outfits of the MET Gala this year and now time for me to speak on it. Of course all credit goes to the photographer of these photos because if I were to be at MET Gala you best believe I would be walking that red carpet in front of paparazzi. (To make sure you know) Now lets jump into the outfits I actually care to comment on:

Image Now y’all no I mean no harm little o’l Kim K but now listen she know that was way too much print. But I swore up and down my grandmother had that somewhere in her home I think it was either her curtains or her couch one of them them two. She probably did that print because that bump she has oh ya that baby bump. Plus Kanye was there…they had to show out. 


So I’m looking at this pictures and all I saw was skin so I wanted some hot sauce to be put on that thigh I see. Then I realized it was just Beyonce with a wonderful gown on that so happen to look like the breading at KFC. Jay Z must have bitten off some the dress/breading that is why that thigh is out. But overall Beyonce looked very nice I just want her to change up her hair once in a while…PLEASE!!!


Then this wonderful goddess appeared across my screen….*Eyes get big* Nicki Minaj to me looked like she came straight out of a Disney as a evil witch with that hair and dress of hers but that is still my lover. Overall she did her little thing and looked real good the hair now I’m loving. 

ImageLawd bless Madonna…..Old but still kicking.

The MET Gala 2013 this year was pretty nice but nothing too amazing. I enjoyed the fashions….and the laughs I got from it.


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