Baby No. 2 Is Here But Prematuely Phaedra Parks Now Parents To Another Child (Updated)


ImageThe “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star/mother has given birth to get second child which is a boy this morning too much earlier then expected. Mrs. Phaedra’s child was planned to be born on May 25th from my calendar I see we are in may 8th. After experiencing some severe pains within her stomach while on her way to work (Lawyer stuff) and was rushed to the hospital. Where the doctors performed a wonderful…CESARIAN!!! Thank God that both mother and child were healty and happy. Apollo who just so happens to be Phaedra’s convicted felon husband and mother Regina Bell were there to witness the wonderful birth of a new life. The boys name has not been released yet but I will definitively try to find that and get that for all of you. Congrats to the new parents….Once again. – (Source: Funky Dineva)

Now watch this child have lavish parties like the other one and just be running around doing him.

Their new baby. Too cute. ^_^


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