Tax Evasion & Lauryn Hill



The oh so wonderful singer Lauryn Noelle Hill from the group of The Fugees has been sentenced to 3 wonderful months in…FEDERAL PRISON. For tax evasion even though she says that she paid off the near $1 million dollar bill to Uncle Sam before being sentence. A few moments ago in Newark, New Jersey a judge gave her the sentence. Now the judge told Lauryn that when she completes her 3 month sting behind bars that she will spend 3 more months on house arrest. Then followed by 9 months of supervised release. Before the hearing started, Lauryn’s attorney stated to the media that the singer scraped up more then $97,000 to repay her debt to Uncle Sam (U.S Government.) The 37 years young former Fugee plead… GUILTY LAST YEAR TO THREE COUNTS THEM THREE COUNTS OF TAX EVASION!!! For failing to file returns on the $1.8 million that she earned from 2005 to 2007. I give the attorney props they tried to use the her wonderful charity work that I have never seen or heard of before and those 6 children of her’s but of course the judge was not buying what the attorney or Lauryn were selling. She ordered to report to prison by July 8. Do I hear a 30 days special on B.E.T? It is still not clear on where she will serve her time. From the courtsey of TMZ if you click on the picture above it will take you to the video of Lauryn walking into court looking kind of nice. – (Source: TMZ)

Now simply if Lauryn paid she needs to show some receipts and some paper work if you do not have that…YOU HAVE NO CASE!!! We all know she has some type of money.


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